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We all enjoy sharing the things we love with the people we care about...

For many of us, that is classical music.

The best way to hear any music -especially classical- is live....

...but sharing it can mean convincing that special someone to patiently wait for hours for 'the good bit'.

Adults are hard enough, let alone kids.

Our solution is simple;

"the best way to a person's heart is through their stomach"

Let's be honest, an empty stomach is not good for enjoying music. 

Situated inside a fully licensed restaurant and with full table service we've brought music back to what it's supposed to be -
a shared experience of delight.

And trust us, it makes a difference. Anyone who comes to our shows (even teenagers) finds a new appreciation for music. In fact, our favourite quote we've received from (multiple) customers is now " makes you feel like you're in Europe."

And the recipe is simple:

Good food. Good people. Good music. 

The way it's supposed to be. 

Limited seating

Due to the intimate nature of our concerts seats are limited so we encourage guests to book as early as possible to secure a place.

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