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Why Choose Us?

We provide a competition free environment, allowing students to experience performance without the added stress of being openly compared to their fellow performers or being marked by an examiner.
For those who are engaged with competitions and exams, these concerts are a fantastic opportunity to practice performance beforehand.
The opportunity to have dinner in the restaurant afterwards engages the whole family and incentivises  otherwise reluctant performers. 

Discount codes are available for schools and private studios below to pass to their students.

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Studio concerts

Let us take the stress out of your end of semester concerts!

Our package includes:
-Well maintained GX2 Kawai Grand Piano
-Event set up/pack up
-Friendly staff on hand to help
-Seats up to 40 people
-Guests able to stay for dinner afterwards
-Includes discounts to our regular concerts for your studio

Optional extras include:
-Ticketing services

Prices start at $230

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What do performance professionals say?

"Frequent, low-stress opportunities to perform can teach you to be confident executing musical skills under pressure." - Margaret Osborne, Ph.D.

Many make the mistake of putting too much emphasis on trying not to be nervous. Focus instead on developing a more effective response to the inevitable nerves. Spend more time practicing performing, rather than practicing practicing. - Noa Kageyama, Ph.D.  

"Anxiety is a normal part of being human and shouldn’t be pushed away. Practicing putting yourself out of your comfort zone helps you cope when life throws you out of it..." - Tracy Dempsey, Performance Coach